Authentic accommodation in the middle of the clouds in Monteverde

Alas Glamping originated in 2021, with an innovative and original idea located in the foothills of the Monteverde Cloudy Forest, a short distance from the main tourist attractions offered by this small and unique paradise in the world.

An authentic idea of ​​raising awareness and healthy and sustainable development for our clients, we have created completely natural areas committed to the environment and conservation of our area. From where you can appreciate and enjoy nature, a well-deserved break between the clouds and sunsets.

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From Alas Costa Rica, you will enjoy beautiful sunset views, double rainbows and wonderful skies that enhance the beauty of the surrounding nature. Wake up to the harmonious sound of birds and connect with a rural and local involvement, with unique and authentic experiences. In our enclave, communion with nature becomes a rejuvenating experience, offering our visitors unforgettable moments of connection with the environment and with themselves.

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